Question on Broadside of a Board

R. Michael Litchfield litch at
Fri Aug 18 10:17:33 PDT 1995

>So, if this problem is public knowledge, does anyone out there know what
>it is?

Lesse which rumor you want? The child molestor? Or the Satanists in houston?


>        Of particular interest to me was the establishment of the
>contents of the Executive Session. This included several "Under
>the Rocks" matters brought up by the Society Seneschale (see
>accompanying Editorial). These were discussions of the Nord-
>mark secession movement, a problem in Ansteorra, a possible
>                         ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>(not actual) banishment in Trimaris, and "a problem in Calontir".
>Editorial: UNDER A ROCK?
>        Several items of discussion were sent to Executive
>(Secret) Session during both the Board Working Session and the
>Board Meeting itself. These included not only discussion of
>personnel, but also the Budget and three highly political situa-
>tions -- one each in Trimaris, Ansteorra, and Drachenwald. These
>situations were public knowledge to all the non-Board people
>sitting in the room, to a greater or lesser extent.  In the case of
>the Drachenwald crisis, the threatened secession of the entire
>Barony of Nordmark (Sweden), there was at least one person
>who was excluded from the Board's discussion who had direct
>knowledge of the situation which the Board did not have! Each
>of these cases was classified by Sedalia as an "Under the Rocks"

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