Question on Broadside of a Board

Patricia Horton horton at
Fri Aug 18 11:05:15 PDT 1995

>So, if this problem is public knowledge, does anyone out there know what 
>it is?
        >Of particular interest to me was the establishment of the
>contents of the Executive Session. This included several "Under
>the Rocks" matters brought up by the Society Seneschale (see
>accompanying Editorial). These were discussions of the Nord-
>mark secession movement, a problem in Ansteorra, a possible

This was more discussion about Greg Reed, Mr. Kennedy and a couple of
police detectives that are still giving us "Cult" problems in areas of
the Kingdom. Letters were written to these individuals by the Board,
discussion was about what to do next. Don Jeremy was there as my representative
as High Lord Chancellor and my Deputy to go over what would and would not
be a good idea.


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