Requirements to play (fairly long posting)

Pug pug at
Fri Aug 18 11:07:33 PDT 1995

> The people who have a hard time with all of us *elitists* trying to get a
> more period atmosphere better not join any *real* recreation groups.

I atleast understand the recreation groups. They are trying to actually
"do it", not "study it". The SCA is vaguely historical. The Corpora, or
whatever it is, only says that we try to study the time period leading
up to the 16th century. The 600-1620 stuff is peoples definition of
this. (Atleast the last time I read the document about a year ago.)

> The SCA is very tolerant when it comes to standards and overall, I don't
> understand anyone griping about a level of participation.

It's amazing what people can gripe about. *grin*

Personally, I am all for authenticity and what not. I am trying more and
more to move towards it and study it. Although it's not something I can
do overnight, I am trying.

Btw, I'd be much happier if people couldn't design their own devices.
(Technically not their arms since they don't have an AoA, correct?)
Instead they got their arms when they got their AoA, or could request
Arms anyway. I think that giving someone the ability to create it is
not only rude but non-"period" (?).


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