Period Heraldric Styles...

Paul DeLisle pdelisle at
Fri Aug 18 15:37:00 PDT 1995

>>Too many people join the SCA and decide they need heraldry right away. So
>>they draw a piece of junk, get pissed it does not pass, and jaggle it

>Really, I don;t see that happening all that often, I see people entranced
>with the idea of a personal icon, so they spend a lot of time and effort
>designing something that they feel says something about themselves, they
>then take it to a herald who calls it a piece of junk.

Once again, Michael, you speak from ignorance. Just how many (dozen) COH
meetings have *you* sat in on? Savien knows from where he speaks. This is
*not* the case for *everyone; but it certainly describes a significant minority.

                  In Service, I remain
                  Alden Pharamond
                  Mendersham, Ansteorra

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