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Dia duit!

 [Replying to a message of Deborah Sweet to All]

 DS> Once, in the dim and misty past, I thought I saw a form from the
 DS> heralds  that asked those people with GoA's & up to register all the
 DS> above  different thingees. (Or was it a Scribes' form?) Is
 DS> registering all that  still done? If so, I need to do it and I bet
 DS> some others here in  Mooneschadowe have not done it as well. Maybe
 DS> this information needs  more general publicity.

The form is entitled "Ansteorran College of Heralds - Achievement Registration
Form"  and was distributed to all branch heralds in October '93, along with a
listing of the then registered achievements.

Your branch herald *should* have a copy of these in their files.  If they
don't, then they should contact their Regional and request copies.

Feicfidh me' ari's thu',

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