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Dia duit!

 [Replying to a message of Nan Bradford-Reid to All]

 NB> The people who have a hard time with all of us *elitists* trying to
 NB> get a more period atmosphere better not join any *real* recreation
 NB> groups.  The American Civil War, the English Civil War, the French
 NB> and Indian Wars, the American Revolution, the Gunfighters and Wild
 NB> West groups and many others require a level of exacting authenticity
 NB> or you don't play. 

You can say that again!  My parents play with hte Buckskinners and at their
gatherings you aren't allowed to camp in the main encampment if you don't have
a period tent (over there, out of sight, behind those trees, thanks you).  And
I've heard rumors of Civ War and WWII groups that'll flay you for the wrong
buttons on a uniform jacket.

Folks in the SCA have it too darned easy!

Feicfidh me' ari's thu',

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