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Dia duit!

 [Replying to a message of R. Michael Litchfield to All]

 RML> People clearly want to use such thing, take a look at how many
 RML> devices get bumped for landscape, 3D, treatments, etc. multiply
 RML> times ten or twenty that for all the ones that get turned down by
 RML> local heralds before it ever gets to a commentary. It is a fairly
 RML> clear sign to me that people want it.

mcihael (sic)

I would interpret this another way.  People have a mistaken impression of what
heraldry is and what the heraldic style looks like, probably from being
exposed to both modern corporate logos and bad hollywood heraldry, and so, in
making a good faith attempt, miss the mark.  Or, they attempt to do some
research into heraldry and are unfortunate enough to use a "coffee table" book
which covers too much in too little detail and so they pick up on post-period
(e.g. Victorian) styles and again miss the mark.

Heraldry is one of the few aspects of medieval life (knighthood being the
other that comes to mind) that most folks have been exposed to before joining
the SCA and so they think they know enough to "roll their own." 
Unfortunately, their exposure is usually shallow at best and often grossly in
error.  There are many fields in the SCA where people rarely fail to do
research or consult experts before they begin their own endeavors; it's a
shame that heraldry is not one of these.

Feicfidh me' ari's thu',

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