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 "H> Can you describe what the Bellatrixs devices look like? Or what some
 "H> of  these other early , now unregisterable SCA heraldry devices look
 "H> like?  Were  (are) they really that bad?

Here are the entries for the Bellatrixes from the 07/03/95 version of the SCA
Online Armorial.

Brion of Bellatrix|9011W|d|Sable, three crescents argent and on a chief Or,
three compass stars gules.
Carol of Bellatrix|7109|D|Per bend argent and vert, six octofoils in bend
three and three counterchanged, all pierced Or.
Paul of Bellatrix|7109|D|Sable, on a bend Or three compass-stars palewise
Paul of Bellatrix|7309|b|Sable, on an octofoil argent, an estoile of eight
points, four greater, four lesser, gules.
Paul of Bellatrix|8806|b|Argent, a compass star gules within an annulet sable.
Stephan of Bellatrix|9205W|b|Sable, a label and a bordure embattled argent.

For other early armory, get a copy of the armorial and look them up - all
entries have a "date registered" field.

As to whether the heraldry is good or bad, you'll have to draw your own
conclusions.  I suspect that this idea that heraldry from back then is worse
than what gets passed now is mostly myth.

This is the point I was wanting to get to. I hear all these comments about
the early SCA heraldry as being poor and that it wouldn't pass today. Perhaps
these examples are the exception, but to my untutored eye, I don't see why
these devices wouldn't pass today. I guess I would have to sketch and color
these to get an idea of whether they are good heraldry.

Stefan li Rous

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