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Susi Lundgren s.lundgren at mail.utexas.edu
Tue Aug 22 08:32:32 PDT 1995

>> >Hey, there are *plenty* of "Great Imperial Poobah", and "Lord High
>> >Muckety-Muck" positions available in *this* "elistist" society!
>> Don't forget that Patron Saint of Belly-button Lint is TAKEN
>> Antonio
>> [Once there was a girl who worked very hard and rammed everything down
>> everyone's throat so that she could go to the Citadel and be just like the
>> boys.  When she finally got there she found out that it was TOO HARD.  So
>> she QUIT!]
>Nothing bad here met but i would like to observe that there were 23 OTHER
>lads that quit the Citidel BEFORE the lady

And they didn't have death threats haunting them for the past few
years.Think about the fact that she had a camera on her door because the
cadets were so violently opposed to her. I admire the courage it took to
persevere this long to prove that sex should not be a deciding factor.
Cheers to Shannon.

Susi Lundgren
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