Heraldic supporters

David Mann uccxdem at okway.okstate.edu
Tue Aug 22 08:53:26 PDT 1995

     >How do you personalize a helm? In other words, what is the differance 
     >between the helm for the AoA level and the one for the peerage?
     >I do admit that now I don't feel so foolish about not knowing about 
     >this stuff, since it doesn't appear that anyone else out there has a 
     >definative answer either. Isn't this stuff written down in kingdom 
     >law where it can simply be quoted?
     >Stefan li Rous
     The personalized helm is :
     a) The one you wear on the field.
     b) A helm type you like.
     The helm for others is a standard argent colored great helm. I am not 
     positive if the helm has a standard 'look'. I'll see about getting the 
     acheivement handout scanned in and sending it to you to put on the web 

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