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Mark Harris mark_harris at quickmail.sps.mot.com
Tue Aug 22 09:43:46 PDT 1995

     >How do you personalize a helm? In other words, what is the differance 
     >between the helm for the AoA level and the one for the peerage?
     >I do admit that now I don't feel so foolish about not knowing about 
     >this stuff, since it doesn't appear that anyone else out there has a 
     >definative answer either. Isn't this stuff written down in kingdom 
     >law where it can simply be quoted?
     >Stefan li Rous
     The personalized helm is :
     a) The one you wear on the field.
     b) A helm type you like.
     The helm for others is a standard argent colored great helm. I am not 
     positive if the helm has a standard 'look'. I'll see about getting the 
     acheivement handout scanned in and sending it to you to put on the web 

Thanks. This makes sense.

There's an achievement handout? I'd love to see it. This is the first
I've heard of it and it's probably unknown to 80% of Ansteorra. I'd love
to put it up with my SCA files. An even better place would be the 
Ansteorran page. 

How up to date is it? Does it say that AoA level can use a helm or not?
Not that I've had any real hankering for a helm on my device. Until last
week I hadn't taken much notice of such things.

Stefan li Rous

{a bunch of heraldic wording to go here when I look up my official 
device emblazon(?) }

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