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Nan Bradford-Reid n.b-reid at mail.utexas.edu
Tue Aug 22 13:38:53 PDT 1995

>     Hello again,
>     I was wrong about AoA getting a helm. Catherine was originally right,
>     The arms do look strange with just a helm. AoA level doesn't get
>     anything, nada, zip. The achievement page is one page of 20 out of the
>     Scroll text handout. The date is AS XXVI when Dathi was Star. Kief
>     might want to put out an update to add any new award texts (like the
>     Centurions.) I'll get the whole thing scanned in and saved in several
>     formats. It is not a wholly text document. I'll then send Stefan a
>     copy (Stefan what format?) and make it available by FTP.
>     Marke
>     Mooneschadowe

Whew!  It was gettin' hard to key on my computer with one paw, er, foot in
my mouth.  Thanks, Marke.

Minor third assistant chief hound with waggy-tail.

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