Heraldic supporters

Nan Bradford-Reid n.b-reid at mail.utexas.edu
Wed Aug 23 07:33:06 PDT 1995

>> 3)Registraion date for your name and arms(these BOTH must have passed in
>> order to get your "REAL AWARD" scroll.
>Wait, I'm confused!!! (Nothing new, huh?)
>In order to get one's AoA scroll, they have to have their Device passed
>first? (or is it Arms until during the interum?) Or is this not relevant
>for AoA?

You can get an AoA scroll, more correctly known as a charter of rank,
without having passed arms.  To get your achievement scroll, the one that
says "these here now arms, described thusly, are yourn and nobody else's"
with a *picture* of said arms on it, you have to have passed your arms.


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