IS the Rialto down?

R. Michael Litchfield litch at
Wed Jul 5 11:29:46 PDT 1995

><"Pug" <pug at>>
>>> The subject line says it all...
>>The Rialto is never down, but your newsfeed for it just might be.
>In that case, by some odd coincidence, both Emer's is down as is mine.

if by "the rialto" you mean, it cannot "go down" usenet newsgroups
don't do that, the worst that can happen is that your newsfeed might be bottled
(there are 5 major newsfeeds in the world, it is not entirely impossible that
one of them may be stopped up and it could be effcting hosts in several
different sites)

if you mean the news to mail gateway, it breaks freaquently

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