A different question...

I. Marc Carlson IMC at vax2.utulsa.edu
Wed Jul 5 14:16:59 PDT 1995

I had a question come up recently, and thought I'd just poke around and
see if an answer would be forthcoming...

This last weekend, Moonshadowe hosted the most recent Interkingdom Event,
and while I can't speak for the hosts, as an attendee, I was greatly
surprised to something like twice the number of people I was expecting to
see there.  This is not because Moonshadowe doesn't do a decent event, mind
you, but Interkingdom has been a dying event for the past few years.

Now, as I recall, the Autocrat posted several pleas to this list before
hand, asking people to attend.  Of the people who are on this list that came,
how much effect did that advertising have on your decision?  I'm really
just curious, since I'd personally like to see that sort of attendance at
more events north of Steppes.

For those of you who were unable to attend either due to distance, obligations
to the crowns, whatever, you missed a pretty good event.

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