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I am preparing to send the following letter out (via snailmail and e-mail) to
a number of friends and aquaintences of mine in the SCA concerning the
Coopers decision to disallow Monday stayovers without written permission. I
am awaiting responce from anyone who can tell me if there are any other
reasons other than the flimsy excuses listed in the Midrealm newsletter for
this inconsiderate action. Please contact me with your opinions on this
manner at your earliest opportunity.

  My Fellow Pennsic goers,

        It has recently come to light that the Coopers (the family that owns and
runs the mundane operations of the Pennsic Wars) have made a policy change
which I feel is unfair, unreasonable and in its most basic form, greedy.
        This year the War will officially close on Sunday at 12 noon.
will be closed Saturday at Midnight) This means that anyone who has not
written for expressed permission to stay until Monday  MUST  be off  sight by
7:00pm Sunday.Although the War has technically been finished at about this
time each year, there are at approx. 500-1000 persons who stay on sight
Sunday night and depart on Monday. There are many reasons for this. For many,
Sunday is one of the only times after a week of fighting, merchanting,
volunteering etc. that one can get out and visit friends, do last minute
shopping and help friends pack up camp. Some have very long drives and
require sleep before tackling the drive. Some have large amounts of camping
equipment and must rent trucks. These are not available on Sunday and getting
them on Friday forces campers to pay for two more days rental.
        Let me state clearly that I believe that the Coopers do an
admirable job of
providing the necessities to 8,000+ campers as well as many bonuses such as a
post office, bank, extra phones etc. And the staff have always been courteous
and very hard working during this event. I am sure that the logistics of this
event require months of preparation. But to impose a strict deadline for
departure inconsiderate at the very least.
        The Coopers claim that they need the sight vacant to allow for the
of rental equipment". I imagine this means porta-johns, freezer units for ice
and Grimms tents. Unless I am mistaken, these items are supplied by third
parties who deliver them to the sight and service them during the War. When
the war is over, these companies remove them. Speaking from experience, most
of these companies do not remove this equipment immediatly after the event.
This equipment may be on sight two or three days at least. But let us say for
the sake of argument that it needed to be removed right after the event.
Since patrons are on sight until Sunday 7:00pm this equipment is still in
use. It CANNOT be picked up until Monday. Moreover, most companies are not
open on Sunday and WILL NOT remove their equipment until the next business
day. The equipment is there. What is the problem? On Monday the population
has gone from 8,000 to perhaps 1,000. Even if the porta-johns were to
magically vanish, the permanent facilities could be used.
        Cleanup. The Pennsic sight after War is a frightening sight. We generate
more trash than we know. Its removal is a daunting task and an unenviable
job. I have no doubt that it takes at least a week to properly remove the
refuse and fill in fire holes  and trenches. What is saved by forcing an
evacuation on Sunday? Cleaning and trash removal can still begin on Monday.
At best, the Coopers save a days cleaning wages.

        The Coopers stated that they felt that the SCA simply "wouldn't
leave" if
they were allowed to stay until Monday. This is ridiculous. On Monday, it's
over. The extra day simply allows us extra time to rest and pack.  The
Coopers then have every right to ask for everyone to be off sight on Monday
evening and I am sure you would get little argument from anyone. The extra
day is a courtesy and not an imposition.
        Fellow SCAdians, Pennsic is a great event and the Coopers camp
ground is a
good sight. But we should not be bullied in this manner. Our event generates
tens of thousands of dollars for the Coopers and pumps MILLIONS into the
surrounding economy. An event that benefits so many should at least be given
the courtesy of being allowed 1 day for an unhurried tear-down. But the
Coopers have made up their minds. And that is that.Or is it?
         Our presence is a very big boon to the community and the Coopers,
but if we
cannot negotiate a reasonable departure schedule then we should consider
locating another camp sight for Pennsic. This is a strong statement. But it
is our right to do so. If the Coopers will not allow us a single day, we
should locate a sight that is more appreciative of the financial benefits
that we can bring to their community. Pennsic is a fun event and is far less
troublesome than many other large gatherings. We are very easygoing but we
should not be pushovers. If you disagree with this policy, please contact the
persons below by phone, letter or e-mail. You must make your voice heard.
Each person who takes the time and energy to personally contact someone
represents hundreds who are like-minded.

  Pennsic Autocrat
Aaron Swiftrunner (George Reed)
4883 Hawaiian Terrace
Cincinnati, OH 45223
(513) 542-2086
ac508 at dayton.wright.edu
Mistress Alexis MacAlister (Beverly Roden)

  Dave Cooper
Coopers Lake Campground
205 Currie Rd.
Slippery Rock, PA 16057


       Steven Pack
          30993 Lorain Rd.
          N. Olmsted, OH 44070
          216-777-1266   e-mail SteveRisk at aol.com

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