A different question...

eric brown caladin at io.com
Wed Jul 5 23:15:52 PDT 1995

>I had a question come up recently, and thought I'd just poke around and
>see if an answer would be forthcoming...

>Now, as I recall, the Autocrat posted several pleas to this list before
>hand, asking people to attend.  Of the people who are on this list that came,
>how much effect did that advertising have on your decision?  I'm really
>just curious, since I'd personally like to see that sort of attendance at
>more events north of Steppes.

I was There, the net advertising had a little bit to do with it, mostly in
the form of reminding me it'd be somthing i'd never done before, I brought 3
other fighters with me, and they are all on or should be on this forum, so
count them as, "it helped Caladin a little bit and he hustled me up too.."

if you are including collateral damage in your estiamtes


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