River Tree

Christopher R. Doelle cdoelle at sam.neosoft.com
Thu Jul 6 05:30:16 PDT 1995

>Hello from Bryn Gwlad. I joined the SCA in Shadowlands YEARS after I 
>first heard of it. I grew up in Victoria, a SCA wasteland. The closest 
>group was at least 2 to 3 hours away and no one in Victoria knew anything 
>about them. I noly discovered who they were after I got into college. Now 
>they tell me there is a group there called River Tree. Are any of them on 
>the net? I'd like to get in touch. Any way I could help? I even have some 
>armory designs in mind for them if they are interested or in need of 
>heraldry. As I still have relatives there I can visit relatively often. I 
>also have many of the resources of a Barony close by to offer as 
>assistance if needed. Can anyone put me in touch with them?
>Lady Clare

I can't get you in direct contact with them, but I can relate to what you
are saying.  I too grew up in the Victoria area and was excited to hear that
River Tree had formed.  I have met a couple people from the group.  Their
event will be August 26th & 27th at Riverside Park.  That would seem to be
your best bet.

Christian Erik Wolfhart
cdoelle at sam.neosoft.com

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