Duplicate messages...

Pug pug at arlut.utexas.edu
Thu Jul 6 05:49:12 PDT 1995

>   I'd like to appologize for the previous duplicate messages. I'm having
>   a bit of a problem with the approve script since my server was
>   upgraded. It seems that there are some glitches that I will be working
>   on cleaning up.

I finally got the problem fixed, and you saw the real message from
Diarmuit. I appologize for the confusion and extra messages. I guess I
should be more leery of upgrades. *sigh*

For those curious, the problem was that the mail program no longer
allowed a space between the -s and the actual subject, as well as that
it no longer removed the extra blank lines. This second one is what made
the message appear from me instead of Diarmuit.


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