Ideal event

I. Marc Carlson IMC at
Thu Jul 6 14:18:05 PDT 1995

<dssweet at (Deborah Sweet)>
>So, here's a question for everyone:
>What would be *your* ideal event?...

I'm pretty easy to please, actually.  I'd like to see an event where

1) Nothing Mundane existed, or at the very least was totally disquised
(I have a dream of a Mundanity Pillory, pardon me, a Pillory for people
who act in a socially inappropriate way).

2) People could (and would) do whatever artsy craftsy stuff they wanted
without people thinking they were somehow demented for using period tools,
or working at an event.

3) If the event is a fair with merchants, it be *called* that (since it's
a perfectly period term).

4) Tourney fields be dressed better

5) Things could be handled toward a specific century, with people willing
to adjust their persona's accordingly.

6) A Front Gate is called a Front Gate; a Carriage, a carriage; a Wagon,
a wagon; a Cook, a Cook; Stewards and Sewers by their appropriate titles;
the person in charge of the silly event called something OTHER than "Autocrat";
and so forth.

As you may expect, there is a bit of a trend here...


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