R. Michael Litchfield litch at
Thu Jul 6 16:23:12 PDT 1995

>>last I checked Period Pavilions were orders of magnatude more expensive than
>>the beach ones, are an utter headache and 3/4 to haul around (impossible if
>>you don;t have a truck), and are a royal pain to store.
>Actually, we made a 14' high, 18x18 pavillion with sides for less than
>$300.00 and it packs into two Air Force parachute bags, plus poles.
>  Those damn beach things run around $190.00.

Uhh we must be talking about radically different things, academy has 12 X 14
shade pavillions for 39$, they have slightly smaller rather inferior
quality thing for 14$+change. the 39$ fits into 1'X1'X4' bag wich will fit
in most
economy cars.

What exactly do you mean by a "beach thing"?

And unless you got to events VERY regularly, almost weekly you are going to
have store a great hunk of molding & mildewed canvas. Sorry, period
pavilions are
wonderful, but 90% of the people *I* know cannot afford to drop 300$ and
waste the space on soemthing like that.



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