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>>>last I checked Period Pavilions were orders of magnatude more expensive than
>>>the beach ones, are an utter headache and 3/4 to haul around (impossible if
>>>you don;t have a truck), and are a royal pain to store.
>>Actually, we made a 14' high, 18x18 pavillion with sides for less than
>>$300.00 and it packs into two Air Force parachute bags, plus poles.
>>  Those damn beach things run around $190.00.
>Uhh we must be talking about radically different things, academy has 12 X 14
>shade pavillions for 39$, they have slightly smaller rather inferior
>quality thing for 14$+change. the 39$ fits into 1'X1'X4' bag wich will fit
>in most
>economy cars.

Okay, the $39.00 jobbers are probably those blue dining fly thingies that
are even worse than the beach pavilion, or really cheap versions of the
beach pavilion.

>What exactly do you mean by a "beach thing"?

They are usually square, sometimes hexagonal, have a peaked top, quick
set-up aluminum frame, and a striped open-weave plastic cloth top that
attaches to the bottom of the corner poles to hold it in place.
>And unless you got to events VERY regularly, almost weekly you are going to
>have store a great hunk of molding & mildewed canvas. Sorry, period
>pavilions are

We do not go to events all that often, much to the chagrin of my lord, and
the big pavilion fits on a shelf in our garage very nicely.  I will admit
that the poles are probably the biggest problem, but even those will fit
upright in almost any closet.  But you have to realize that this is a HUGE
pavilion.  I'm not talking about HUGE pavilions for the average joe.  The
one I'm talking about would actually take up very little space.  We have
taken ours to many events and to two or three Pennsics now and have never
had a problem with mold, mildew, or rot (and trust me, if the humidity at
Pennsic, which, believe it or not, is far worse than what we have here, the
rain, the smelly mud of Pennsic don't kill your pavilion, nothing will).

>wonderful, but 90% of the people *I* know cannot afford to drop 300$ and
>waste the space on soemthing like that.

The $300 was for this HUGE pavilion 18x18, 7' on a side and 14' at the
center! About 80 yards of canvas.  (If you go to events, you've seen it:
it's blue and grey and has saw-toothed dagging around the edges.)  As I
said, if 2 or 3 people get together and order canvas, an individual can
make a listfield 10x10 shade fly for probably less than $50.00 and it will
last far longer than the blue dining flies for $39.00, look better and be
cheaper than the striped beach things--I have seen cheap ones for around
$80-90.  If one is married to the idea of having the quick-set frame, there
are ways to cover it to make it look better with canvas.  And, by the way,
because less sunlight comes through, the canvas shade pavilions are much
cooler to sit under that either of the plastic alternatives.  Further, for
something that makes atmosphere, what is a little space?  We're not talking
about a weekend camping trip where, speed and lightness are a must, we're
talking about attempting to recreate a feeling, an age gone by.  A little
extra trouble for that is worth it

End of discussion, unless someone wants to request the class.

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