Ideal Event

Mark Harris mark_harris at
Fri Jul 7 08:37:38 PDT 1995

One night just for other entertainments such as belly dancing and taverns 
with games.

Why would you limit the taverns with/without games to only one night?
These would seem to be the kinds of places you could drop into for
awhile between other events or during events you don't care for. I
don't see how they would interfere with other events even if 

No circles!

Hmm. No fire circles? No circle dances? 

I guess we can now set up peerage squares? Does this
by any chance have to do with your lord's recent elevation
to a polling order? :-)

Excellent food, served hot and fast.

cabins or a castle with many rooms for guests, or a dormitory.

Fairly level ground with no fire ants or ticks.

Not too period, I see. Although the fire ants weren't period,I
imagine the ticks were, especially with all the rushes and
straw on the floor ( as well as all the rest of it, uck) of
the castle.

WEll, we did say the ideal event. We know that not every event could be 
this way. We obviously have some other things that we will need/want to 
do. But wouldn't that be a glorious time if we could do it even once?

Also, with all this interest, lets all see what we ccan do right now to 
make the events we do go to hit a little closer to the mark based on what 
we are saying here.

   Stefan li Rous

In search of more that  I  can do,
I remain
Lady Clare

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