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>On  6 Jul 95 at 16:5, R. Michael Litchfield wrote:
>> [things a bit more draconian than I would like]
>> >6) A Front Gate is called a Front Gate; a Carriage, a carriage a Wagon,
>> >a wagon; a Cook, a Cook; Stewards and Sewers by their appropriate titles;
>> >the person in charge of the silly event called something OTHER than
>> >and so forth.
>> I would REALLY REALLY *_REALLY_* like this, but i don;t expect it will
>> actually happen, the *-ocrat thing is too firmly entrenched in SCA culture.
>This is my number one pt peeve with the SCA.  I was very unhappy to see
>the term *waterocrat* in the most recent BlackStar.  I hope that the
>RulerOCrat or the BossOCrat will discourage such usage.
>Aeddan, Chief Cook for the most recent InterKingdom Peace.

Watercrat, kidocrat, crittercrat, where will it end?  Another thing I heard
at a recent event was the herald asking people to move their "dragons into
the pens."
Since when did a medieval person ever see a dragon, let alone own one?
Wagons or carts or even cars are perfectly proper ways to refer to your
mode of transport.


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