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>I would love to have the name/address/review of
>the canvas merchant you mentioned, Catherine, to add to my tent-fabrics

Here it is for everyone, but remember, the more you order, the better price
you get, so it's best if several people order together.  They deal with
companies, not individuals, so give them a name that sounds like a company
name:  Tents R Us or something, or an SCA group could order a swatch packet
and then place a group order.  Call and they will send you a large packet
of swatches and a catalog.  Once you decide what you want, call back and
they will give you current prices based on the number of yards you order.
One thing to watch out for:  if you order say 20 yards and there's 25 on
the bolt, they will send the entire bolt to you and charge you for the 5
extra yards.  This is fairly common practice with wholesalers of fabric.

                Trident Industrial Products
                8555 W. McNab RD
                Tamarac, FL   33321


                canvas, grommets, grommet setting tools, all sorts of
                tent and outdoor fabrics, webbing, etc.

This is the firm from which Master Robyn Solarius ordered the canvas for
the new(er) Bryn Gwlad pavilion and Conor and I order the canvas for our
big blue and grey pavilion from them, too.

Just for your information, we sewed regular, untreated canvas on my home
Singer (it's called heavy duty, but you know how that goes) with no
problem.  If you get the waterproofed canvas, you will need a metal-parts
machine, as someone else suggested (for you Stefan, I know this is no
problem).  Once again, start small!  We had to completely rearranged the
house and lived with this huge tent top in our living room for several
weeks--although it actually only took one weekend for me to put the top
together.  A 10x10 shade top is a good starter project.  If you put in a
reinforced strip wide enough for grommets between the top and the dagging,
you can always add sides later.

>I also recommend that large pavillions be made with detachable walls.
>This allows the tent to be stored in seperate bags or boxes.

Yes, definitely make detachable sides.

>Stefan li Rous
>Barony of Bryn Gwlad
>markh at


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