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Kingdom law looks like this:


Section 4: Perpetual Events

a.  These are Baronial or Provincial events which have definite dates
    reserved on the Calendar of Events for them each year.

   i.  The Steppes Warlord Tournament shall be held annually on
       Memorial Day weekend in May.
   vi.  The Candelmas Feast shall be held in Bryn Gwlad the first weekend
        in February.

So, what's reserved or perpetual (not protected) is the group, the event
name, and its date.

Subsection b states that they're "specifically not protected".
Subsection c says that the Baron/ess and b. sene. may petition the
Crown to waive a perpetual event for one year.  (What, we're not
allowed to petition the crown on any topic that enters our pointly
little heads?  It should say that the Crown may (upon petition of ...)
may waive it.)  Subsection c says that B/ess&BSene may petition to
change the date.  (Nothing about nuking it altogether.)

Subsection e says what happens versus Crown Tourney, a protected
event: the Barony/Province has the option of waiving or moving it for
one year.  Oddly, it doesn't say anything about conflict with
Coronation; however, there are no perpetual dates in July and January,
which V.2.c says when Coronations shall be conducted.

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