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Patricia Horton horton at
Fri Jul 7 13:39:13 PDT 1995

>Maire and Cynric have been commenting/clashing over Bjornsborg's
>protected event.
>I have a few questions:
>1) As it is now written, is the event protected or the date?
Depends on what you mean (see mail with quote from Kingdom Law)
>2) What is being protected from what? I do see multiple events
>on the same weekend, even when I thought one of the events was 
The only event protected from anything being scheduled on the same weekend
is Crown and Coronation (again see law)
>3) Why do we have protected events? As you add more groups, the
>calender gets more and more difficult to manage with more and
>more protected events. 
You have no idea how much time I spend on Calendar alone each month, it really
is a monster we have created. The number of groups we now have makes it 
almost unmanageable, and they get VERY upset when you tell them they can't
have their first choice weekend or etc ( I still get bids with only one date
and saying "we can't have any other weekend", well it is not that easy, I
get approx 120 event requests a year, not including Kingdom events and I have
to keep everyone happy. Calendared events are touchy subjects with groups).
This sheer number of events is why the Seneschalate put a limit on the 
number of events groups can hold, imagine what it would be like if you could
hold all that some groups wanted??
>Or is this really a misnomer and what we are really talking about
>is a limit on the number of official events a group may hold? (Which
>I would also highly disagree with). Personally, I'd get rid of
>event protections and limitations. And yes, this includes any Bryn
>Gwlad might have.
Sorry, but the limitations are necessary, it would really be a free for all
and the Chronicler would be buried. We have to meet the definition of a
Society event in corpora to get insurance coverage etc and this means managing
a calendar. Also without limits you would find more events on the same weekend
in the same ares. One of my hardest jobs is trying to keep it "fair" so some
big group does not "shut out" some small group's event by drawing everyone in
the area. Until you have to manage this thing for a year it is easy to say
the limits are unreasonable. Again the only "protected" events are Crown and
Coronation so it does not really effect that much.
>Stefan li Rous
>Barony of Bryn Gwlad
>(My, have I got a big mouth today)


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