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Maire sent me the following message:

I can' remember if I just responded or sent the last mail with quotes from
law to you, if I did mail it to the list for me??

thanks, Maire

So, here it is:   (Stefan li Rous)

Here is law:


Section2: Crown Tournaments and Coronations
a: Crown Tournaments and Coronations shall be the only events protected from
   coinciding with any other events within the boundaries of the Kingdom of
b: (foo on when Crowns are held)
c: (foo on when Coronations are held)

Section3: Other Kingdom Events
a: Kingdom events are those major official events which occur within the
   Kingdom, hosted by various branches within the Kingdom, or by such persons
   the Crown and the Kingdom Seneschal shall designate. The Kingdom Seneschal
   shall be responsible for requesting bids for these events, unless
   These events include:

	The Kingdom Arts and Sciences Competition, The Kingdom Eisteddfod,
	The Kin's College, The Kingdom Warlord Tournament, The Queen's
	Champion Tournament (foo on when to have it), The Queen's Children's
	College, Academy of the Rapier, Academy of the Bow.
b: These Kingdom events are specifically not protected and my have other
   events scheduled on the same date [info: I and the Kingdom Officers
   put these events on the calendar once I begin to need the next year
   mapped out. ie: When I created the 1996 calendar in March, I place these
   events on the calendar (or at least the ones we typically hold annualy, or
   that I can get feedback from the GOofS)]

c: foo on bidding
d: foo on money

Section 4: [where bjornsborg asked for change - these dates are "protected"
            in the sense that they are guaranteed the date under kingdom law]
Perpetual Events:
a: These are Baronial or Provincial events which have definite dates reserved
   on the Calendar of Events for them each year
	(list of events)
b: These events are specifically not protected and may have other events 
   scheduled on the same date.
c: The Baron/ess together with the baronial seneschal may petition the Crown
   waive a perpetual event for a yaer.
d: The Baron/ess toghether with the baronial seneschl my petition the Crown
   to change the date of a perpetual event [This is what Bjornsborg did].
e: (What happens if Crown is needed to be on the weekend of a perpetual


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