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I. Marc Carlson IMC at
Fri Jul 7 13:47:20 PDT 1995

<Aeddan<Paul Shore <shore at>>>
>> I would REALLY REALLY *_REALLY_* like this, but i don;t expect it will
>> actually happen, the *-ocrat thing is too firmly entrenched in SCA culture.
>This is my number one pt peeve with the SCA.  I was very unhappy to see 
>the term *waterocrat* in the most recent BlackStar.  I hope that the 
>RulerOCrat or the BossOCrat will discourage such usage.
>Aeddan, Chief Cook for the most recent InterKingdom Peace.

I have a number of comments on this particular one.

a)  Since this is still discussing an *Ideal*, whether it's "realistic"
    is irrelevant.

That being said:

b)  The excuse of "it can't be changed because it's ALWAYS been done this
    way" has got to be (in my opinion) the stupidest cheap cop out reason
    to resist a change I have ever heard.

c)  If you REALLY want something to be changed, make the change in yourself
    without bitching about its being "impossible".  You will note that Aeddan
    used the term HE prefers in his signature.  Moreover, I'd bet major bux
    that during his recent term as Chief Cook he *never* used the "F" word.
    I would further wager that the term is not often heard in his shire,
    either.  This is how such changes are made.  One person at a time.


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