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>>This is the recipe that I tried.  This was written by someone living up
>>North, where is is much cooler.

>Thanks, I'll keep this in mind. Although, I didn't think Mongolia
>was very cool. Or is it a cool dry area, rather than hot and dry?

>From an on-line atlas, the average temperature for Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

- Temperature:

	Month      Celsius   Fahrenheit

	March         -1         10 
	June          14         57 
	September     7          45 
	December      -2         -9 

It is much colder there than here.

>>One of my Anda suggested that, if using Todric's receipe, place the bag on
>>your washing machine, in the cellar.  This would shake the bag wen you did
>>wash, as well as keep it at a good temp.

What kind of bag? If it bursts, it could get pretty bad.

The five gallon disposable water carriers. 

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