pavilions/ideal events

I. Marc Carlson IMC at
Fri Jul 7 13:52:10 PDT 1995

<litch at (R. Michael Litchfield)>
>I would like it more along the lines of religous issues, if you don;t wanna
>participate you shouldn;t be forced to, but I sometimes really enjoy the
>the "pseudo-period" things (hole in the wall, foods with chocolate + other
>New World Ingrediants etc) that don;t shuckingly jar me into the mundane
>but which do give me a breather to the high person garbage.

Why didn't you just *say* that YOUR ideal event had bits of mundanity
strewn throughout it, rather than just responding negatively to nice
Lady's (as well as my) Ideal answers?

If you like bit of Mundanity in your Ideal, that's fine. For you.


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