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Fri Jul 7 13:53:44 PDT 1995

>Mistress Maire wrote:
>>Uh, I am afraid I can not just forget it. TRM and myself CHANGED KINGDOM LAW
>>by signatures and announcement in court etc at Crown this spring. ...
>> I looked at Kingdom Law, saw the protected event was Bjornsborg
>> Baronial Court, ...
>> Officially,
>>Bjornsborg Baronial Court, IN KINGDOM LAW, in now X weekend in march so we
>>can NOT just blow it off. That is when Bjornsborg Baronial Court is and will
>>be unless law changes again. Sorry.
>Come now, we're better rules hackers than that.  Until it's all
>straightened out, it's *spelled* "Bjornsborg Baronial Court" but it's
>*pronounced* "Lyonesse".  Or it's BBC, butf for some odd reason it'll
>just *happen* to look exactly like Lyonesse.
>Of course, we could wonder why V.4 (Kingdom Events / Perpetual
>Events), the list of perpetual events, even exists.
It was considered a benefit to give baronies a "3rd" event a year when we
went to the 2 calendar'd events a year per group limit.

>Note that the word is "PERPETUAL", not "protected".  V.4.b sez "These
>events are specifically not protected and may have other events
>scheduled on the same date."  Per V.2.a, Crown Tourney and Coronation
>are the only protected events.
I sent out the text from law....

>The only thing you get with "perpetual" listing is that they "have
>definite dates reserved on the Calendar of Events for them each year".
>Who manages the Calendar of Events (the Kingdom Chronicler)?  Can they
>really refuse to list an event, and if so on what grounds (given that
>even perpetual events are explicitly not protected)?
The Kingdom Seneschal manages the Calendar, not the Chronicler. The Chronicler
can not list or advertise a event "free" unless it is on the official Kingdom
Calendar. So, groups have to pay to advertise the event (they get two free
months per event) unless it is on the "official" calendar they get from 
the Kingdom Seneschal each month. Believe it or not this is a big deal to most
groups as they don't have the money.

>If perpetual listing is useful, why does every event have to be listed
>in kingdom law, meaning that the Kingdom Seneschal and the Crown have
>to be involved with every change?  Couldn't just the general
>principles be put in V.4?  E.g.: each barony gets at most one
>perpetual event; the Kingdom Chronicler is the maintainer of the
>Calendar of Events and the List of Perpetual Events; KC and the
>Seneschal may choose to approve changes to the list, for one year only
>or permanently, upon petition of the Baron/ess and baronial seneschal;
This is because of the fighting that goes on with prime weekends and "large,
popular, prestigious" events. Watch the drop in attendence at Steppes Warlord
if one of the other "prestigious" tournaments were scheduled for the same
weekend. This means money for these groups and you would not believe the
less than honorable behaviour that goes on if one group feels it has been
slighted by another by "invading" their weekend. So, these perpetual dates
are there to keep the peace and give baronies their 3rd event. If you don't
think the calendar and events aren't touchy look at the amount of email this
is generating already, come and take a look at my phone messages. If I did
not generate something with large events already on it for the following year
so groups can plan around them (money remember) I would get more grief than
I already do about dates, which is why I had to produce 1996 in March. Gods,
I wish it were easier.

>Or just say that -x- weekend is perpetual for group -y-, and they can
>do what they want with it and call it what they want.
>Not that changes happen that often, but the current scheme still seems
>like a minorly suboptimal mechanism.
Daniel de Lincoln


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