pavilions/ideal events

Fri Jul 7 14:34:13 PDT 1995

> Uhhh no.
> I would like it more along the lines of religous issues, if you don;t wanna
> participate you shouldn;t be forced to, but I sometimes really enjoy the
> the "pseudo-period" things (hole in the wall, foods with chocolate + other
> New World Ingrediants etc) that don;t shuckingly jar me into the mundane
> but which do give me a breather to the high person garbage.
> >Catherine
> _Michael
Howdy ya'll!
In a lot of ways I agree with Michael. The H-in-the-W, is a neat 
dance (mainly because I can dance it...), food with chocolate+New 
World ingredients are fine (especially if it's a late period event), 
I don't like anything that "jars me into the mundane", who really 
does? But I depart from agreement with him on the issue of "high 
person (sic) garbage.". High persona doesn't mean stuffy or holier 
than means _being_ the person in history that you have re-
created. Persona play is fun and can be enlightening to others around 
you. Everyone needs a "breather" from the intensity of some events 
(usually a horn of mead does it for me... ;^} ). The ideal event, to 
me, enbodies each person striving to _be_ their persona...with all 
the attendant pomp, pagentry, silliness, fun, and seriousness they 
can muster. Laughter is period, so are tears, and those rare moments 
where everything is "perfect". I suggest that we all do our utmost to 
make every event in Ansteorra, indeed anywhere we go, to be the ideal 
event. Helping the other around you to a greater understanding of the 
ideals we hold close to our hearts is a noble undertaking. 

A. Kief av Kiersted, Lion of Ansteorra... L. Cockerham, Texan

"Better the Hammer than the nail..."  

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