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> Maire and Cynric have been commenting/clashing over Bjornsborg's
> protected event.
> I have a few questions:
> 1) As it is now written, is the event protected or the date?
> 2) What is being protected from what? I do see multiple events
> on the same weekend, even when I thought one of the events was 
> "protected".
> 3) Why do we have protected events? As you add more groups, the
> calender gets more and more difficult to manage with more and
> more protected events. 
> Or is this really a misnomer and what we are really talking about
> is a limit on the number of official events a group may hold? (Which
> I would also highly disagree with). Personally, I'd get rid of
> event protections and limitations. And yes, this includes any Bryn
> Gwlad might have.
> Stefan li Rous
> Barony of Bryn Gwlad
> (My, have I got a big mouth today)
Howdy ya'll!

Protected means that a group will have an event on a certain weekend 
of the year. The reason for this is: 1. The group can plan for the 
event well in advance i.e. reservations, etc. 2. It also means that a 
neighboring group, in the same region, cannot schedule an event on 
that weekend.

Protected does not mean that other groups cannot have events on the 
same dates. 

Yes, Stefan, there are limits on the number of events a group can 
have. Hmmmm....let's see if I can remember...below baronial status 2 
events (on the official calendar) 3 if barony, 4 if the barony has 
than 100 paid members. Regional events, two or more groups banded 
together to sponser an event, do not count against any group's event 

Kingdom level events i.e. Crown, Coronation, Queen's, etc. cannot 
have a local/regional event on the same date.

The reason for protected events and event limits has to do with the 
increasingly large number of groups in the Kingdom. With five regions 
and, at least, 45 groups the calendar would be a horrible cluttered 
mess in very short order...

I hope I got this stuff right....if I haven't Maire will burn 
me.....:-]... All the information contained herein is out of my own 
fevered brain, it is not official information, nor is it to be 
construed to be policy nor law of the kingdom. Trust me....

A. Kief av Kiersted (abc's inserted) L. Cockerham, Texan

"Better the Hammer than the nail..."

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