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Robert G. Ferrell rferrell at
Sun Jul 9 18:58:34 PDT 1995

>Could two or three people please quote the following message in its entirety
>again before they reply to it.  I just can't read enough of it and am hoping
>to be able to paper my office with it soon:
>>Mistress Maire wrote:
>>Uh, I am afraid I can not just forget it. TRM and myself CHANGED 
>I remain Yours, etc.
>Antonio Bastiano
>or cmwalden at
     There's really nothing to it.  Since protected dates for Baronies are
specified in Kingdom Law, changing one of those dates requires changing
Kingdom Law, which of course involves the Kingdom Seneschal and the Crown.
There has been a mixup about Bjornsborg's protected date.  They want to
cahnge it from the October Baronial Court to Lyonesse in March.  That's all.
This information was not relayed successfully to Maire, and so the change
has not yet been finalized properly.  Everything is cleared up now, though,
so there is nothing to comment on insofar as the Bjornsborg incident is
concerned.  The rest of the thread that has been built up on this subject
concerns the mechanism of protected dates and so on, in the typical SCA
pseudophilosophical beat-a-stillborn-horse to protoplasm manner.  I deleted
them after only a couple of sentences, so I can't provide them to you;
perhaps someone else can.


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