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Chris Walden cmwalden at bga.com
Sun Jul 9 19:21:49 PDT 1995

I saw this on the Rialto (sp?) and thought that it might be of interest to
some of the people on this group.

*Stolen message follows*
gonnella at stsci.edu (GHRS data analyst) writes:

I can tell you the costs on the Viking tent I am working on now.
The dimensions are 15 ft long, 10 ft sides in equilateral triangle.
Canvas covers top and sides with 1-2ft underlap on ground (i.e. not
a full floor).  Materials are 70 yards of 36" wide 10oz untreated
canvas @ $1.60/yd + shipping (in 100 yd quantities, under 100 yds it
is $1.90/yd + shipping), $10 for 1500 yards of heavy duty quilting
threas, $35 for a 5 gallon can of Thompsons Water Seal.  The owners
of the tent are actually re-covering a 5 year old tent, so I am not
making a frame, but it would require 9 pieces of lumber: 3 16' long
2x4s and 6 10' long 1x6s, which should run about $36.  So we are
looking at $200 in materials for a 10x15 foot tent, or $1.33 per
square foot.  How much is the dome tent?

If you have a regular sedan, get a roof rack and store your poles
on it.  Depending on the specifics of your living situation, there
sis some way to manage the storage problem.

Daniel of Raven's Nest

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