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     >Though I am not sure exactly what classifies as a "beach pavillion" 
     >my lord and I do have an aluminum-poled pavillion.  Though it is not 
     >as nice looking as "period-styled" pavillions are, at least it isn't 
     >that awful blue plastic type pavillion.  The one thing that we have 
     >tried to do in maintaining our area at a list field is hang banners, 
     >cover the mundanity of chairs and ice chests and keep other aspects 
     >of the modern world as much out of view as possible.  
     >I for one would love to attend a class on period-style pavillions 
     >that the "average income-earning" SCA-er could afford.  For many 
     >though $300.00 is a bit too steep...
     I need to put my 5 cents in here, not 2 cents because my Lady and I 
     make pavilions. The aluminum framed pavilions are generally out of a 
     nylon stretch knit. The stretch is what keeps the frame together. You 
     can make a regular fabric cover to attach to the knit. For those who 
     want to know $300 can get you a 15' x 18' pavilion from us (not 
     including poles, line and stakes.) Or you can make your own 10' x 15' 
     for about $150, this is canvas top with all the hardware. The major 
     thing with making your own is you need an all metal parts sewing 
     machine for sewing heavy fabrics (I've burned up a newer plastic parts 
     machine.) I am planning on teaching a class on period tents and 
     pavilions at the Northern Regional event next Feb.
     Home of the multiple pavilions.

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