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>So, here's a question for everyone:
>What would be *your* ideal event? Would it involve unlimited fighting
>(heavy, rapier, archery, etc.), or dancing, or classes, or what? Would
>it last a weekend or a week? Or only happen at day or night? Is it an
>event that's already happening (i.e. Pennsic) or is it one that no one's
>held yet? Etc. etc. etc....
>Inquiring minds want to know.
>Estrill Swet

1.  Late March or April
2.  Challenge Tourneys sponsored by Peers
3.  Emphasize authenticity by having some sort of "what you are wearing
(NOT necessarily fancy, either) and what you are using" art and sciences
display/competition as opposed to the traditional, totally non-period
static ones.
4.  For lack of a better term:  a "battle of the bands (or bards)" all
event long to ensure constant live period music and story-telling.
5.  a site that would keep parking, modern looking facilities, and
non-period camping out of sight, but that might have more modern
accommodations available for classes if need be.  Classes such as we teach
are really not period and are very difficult to conduct in the "great

Just some ideas for inquiring minds.

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