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James Crouchet crouchet at
Mon Jul 10 10:51:46 PDT 1995

On 0 xxx 2000, Paul Shore wrote:

> On  6 Jul 95 at 16:5, R. Michael Litchfield wrote:
> > [things a bit more draconian than I would like]
> > >6) A Front Gate is called a Front Gate; a Carriage, a carriage a Wagon,
> > >a wagon; a Cook, a Cook; Stewards and Sewers by their appropriate titles;
> > >the person in charge of the silly event called something OTHER than "Autocrat";
> > >and so forth.
> > 
> > I would REALLY REALLY *_REALLY_* like this, but i don;t expect it will
> > actually happen, the *-ocrat thing is too firmly entrenched in SCA culture.
> This is my number one pt peeve with the SCA.  I was very unhappy to see 
> the term *waterocrat* in the most recent BlackStar.  I hope that the 
> RulerOCrat or the BossOCrat will discourage such usage.
> Aeddan, Chief Cook for the most recent InterKingdom Peace.

We all seem to agree that the standard SCA language stinks. Let's start 
using these terms and see if we can get them to catch on. Any other 
suggestions for better words?

I would like to suggest:

Fencing instead of light weapons
car instead of dragon
(yes, these are period terms used in a period way)

Anybody got a suggestion for _heavy weapons_ or _autocrat_?


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