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Elizabeth Shahan ecs at
Mon Jul 10 12:04:37 PDT 1995

On Mon, 10 Jul 1995, James Crouchet wrote:

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> > This is my number one pt peeve with the SCA.  I was very unhappy to see 
> > the term *waterocrat* in the most recent BlackStar.  I hope that the 
> > RulerOCrat or the BossOCrat will discourage such usage.
> > 
> > Aeddan, Chief Cook for the most recent InterKingdom Peace.
> > 
> > 
> We all seem to agree that the standard SCA language stinks. Let's start 
> using these terms and see if we can get them to catch on. Any other 
> suggestions for better words?
> Anybody got a suggestion for _heavy weapons_ or _autocrat_?
> Savian
 I have a suggestion for *Autocrat*

How about Mayor. After all, that essetntially is that person's function. 
They just do it on a more temporary basis than a period or medern mayor. 
They are *in charge* but NOT the rulers. The job of a mayor/autocrat is 
to facilitate and organise, right? We could start using it by listing 
them as

John Doe
Mayor(formely know as Autocrat)

A start?


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