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> I believe the period term for a "heavy weapons fighter" would be "knight":
> someone who has some skill with the sword, axe, et cetera, and has the
> equipment appropriate to that estate/job (armor, weapons, horse ... well,
> we really can't do that part safely, in combat at least ...).

<Pulls out his handy dandy electronic webster that is only 32 years out
of date to find the following of relevance>


  1a (1): a mounted man-at-arms serving a feudal superior; esp: a man
     ceremonially inducted into special military rank usu. after completing
     service as page and squire
  1a (2): a man honored by a sovereign for merit and in Great Britain ranking
     below a baronet
  1b: a man devoted to the service of a lady as her attendant or champion
  1c: a member of an order or society


  one that fights: as


  1c: a skilled warrior
  2: a militant leader, follower, or worker


  a man engaged or experienced in warfare

This clearly shows that the SCA's usage of the word Knight is just fine, but
to replace it, we could use other terms. Personally I prefer Fighter or 
Warrior over Soldier or Man-at-arms.


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