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>I believe the period term for a "heavy weapons fighter" would be "knight":
>someone who has some skill with the sword, axe, et cetera, and has the
>equipment appropriate to that estate/job (armor, weapons, horse ... well,
>we really can't do that part safely, in combat at least ...).
>At least that's my understanding --  I invite correction.
>If so, then the !@#$%^&*() FUBAR SCA award system has screwed us yet again ...
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>Was tccg at, was mcdaniel at, was mcdaniel at, ...

I beg to differ, m'lord.  In Period, just as in the SCA, a knight was a
military (the military not holding quite the same connotations it does
today) man who had met the criteria of his peers and king.  Soldier would
be a more appropriate term for a fighter who is not a knight.

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