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Nancy Bradford-Reid n.b-reid at
Mon Jul 10 14:17:50 PDT 1995

>> Anybody got a suggestion for _heavy weapons_ or _autocrat_?
>Hmm.  My OED says "Fencing" is c1581 and therefore appropriate for
>some forms of "light weapons" fighting.  I'm still trying to see
>what the period term was for the person who oversaw the events of
>a Fair or Tourney.
>Heavy weapons...  Hmm.  Armored Combat?  Sword Wallowing?
>Seriously, might I suggest that rather than trying to specify at
>this time replacement jargon, which is no better than the current PC
>fad, we start looking at other terms and see what would be evident.
>My personal pet peeve jargon terms are:
>Feastocrat (Which could be cook, cater, etc.)
>"Smalls" (for children; and for which (to my mind) "Children" might be
>        appropriate.  I know the older kids object to being classed in with
>        the little ones, but all that's been changed is the term.  They are
>        STILL classed with the little ones).)

***Yes, let's remember that in other time periods, "smalls" referred to
your underwear!****

>Farspeaker  (I fail to see why it need to be referred to at all.)
>Farspeaker list/Domesdaylist/whatever you call it.
>        In period, it was often a common thing to keep lists of the populace
>        in a village/ward/town etc, in order to determine who was elegable to
>        vote where, who hadn't served in offices, who lived where.

*****And, I believe, Domesday Boke was the proper term for it.*******

>Dragon  (Wagon, car, carriage... God's blood, "Thingie" is a better term
>        than "Dragon")
>Privy   (It's a perfectly good period word, mind you, just overused when
>        there are other terms for for such things.)
>Troll   (Gate, front gate, entrance, whatever.  I'll be a "Gate-guard"
>        (and have been before) but I'll be dipped before I am labeled
>        a "Troll" (unless of course, I've earned it :) ).

*****Even "toll booth"  is better than "troll booth."
So I guess I'm in agreement with you, Diarmuit.


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