I. Marc Carlson IMC at
Mon Jul 10 15:05:57 PDT 1995

<mordraut at (Mordraut Freyulf)>
>...I think that the best the SCA can really hope for is a happy medium.  Part
>of the reason is because of how the SCA started, and grew.  To have a group
>that only allowed period items to be shown at events (no tents, plastic,
>etc.) would mean selecting a small time/place, like other groups do.  The
>SCA is too large for that.

I don't believe that anyone in this thread (although it may have been
indicated in the related "Ideal Event" thing has said we can't *have* period
things, but even Michael Litchfield suggested in his first posting on the Ideal
events that his would have such things as "unobtrusive" and "out of the way". 
That seems to sum it up for me.  Certainly, there are those who do feel that
all mundanity should be stamped out at events, but they haven't shown up in
this thread.


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