Event Ideals

I. Marc Carlson IMC at vax2.utulsa.edu
Mon Jul 10 19:01:06 PDT 1995

What follows is a result of the "brainstorming" we have been doing
here.  If any of these are "do-able" is to me a question we need to
ask ourselves.  In some cases, some of these have already been
done, are being done, and will be worked harder toward by
individual groups.  Others are clearly unlikely (or are they?
Suggestions so far contributed by:
     dssweet at okway.okstate.edu
     imc at vax2.utulsa.edu
     s.lungren at mail.utexas.edu
     litch at eden.com
     n.b-reid at mail.utexas.edu
     crouchet at infinity.ccsi.com
     rhiain at aol.com
     lib-imc at centum.utulsa.edu

Are there any others?

1.   Authenticity
     a.   Re-examine the concept of Sca-Speak.  Items/materials are
          referred to by less "traditional" although more
          historical terminology.
     b.   Mundanity, where it can not be expunged, is made as
          unobtrusive as possible (Modern tents, for example,
          placed further from the center of events, parking and
          modern appearing facilities (Showers, kitchens, more
          extensive classrooms, etc) are also out of sight).
     c.   NO authenticity "police".
     d.   Encourage authenticity by emphasizing:
          (1)  "living A&S exhibits" as opposed to the totally
               static ones.
          (2)  People actually *doing* their Arts & crafts and
               teaching those who are intererested in learning.
     e.   Live period music and story telling.
     f.   Better decorated sites, for example more accurately
          decorated List areas and feast halls.
     g.   Period feasts
     h.   An attempt to use languages other than 20th century
     i.   Century specific, if not year specific events.

2.   Size
     a.   Large, but not too large (500-1000 people)

3.   Location
     a.   Near lots of water.
     b.   Broken up by hills or other natural barriers, perhaps
          dividing differing levels of Authenticity or even
          different eras or cultural regions (e.g. a fully Mongol
     c.   Lots of trees, and no cactus.
     d.   Several *different* areas for dance, fighting,
          music/bardic, feasting.
     e.   At least one hall with a wooden floor for dancing all

4.   Time & Climate
     a.   At least three FULL days, with at least a half day before
          and after for setting up and tearing down, but which has
          actual things taking place.
     b.   Late March or April Climate (Temperatures ranging from
          the 50s to the 80s; no precipitation).

5.   Misc.
     a.   Showers, with BIG hot water heaters.
     b.   Ground fires.
     c.   Merchants, mostly selling period or near period things,
          including "quality" material.
     d.   More help/guides to show people around.
     e.   No single event focus predominating (fighting, A&S,
          merchanting, whatever).  Preferably without making any of
          them feel slighted.
     f.   Peer sponsored challenge tourneys.
     g.   Shorter, better orchestrated and more interesting Courts.
     h.   Well behaved children.
     i.   More "Tournaments as spectacle"

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