I. Marc Carlson IMC at
Mon Jul 10 19:02:22 PDT 1995

Mundane Term      Jargon Term.           Other possible terms
-------           Troll, Troll booth     Gate, Front Gate, Entrance
Automobile/Car    Dragon                 Car, Carriage, Van,
                                         Conveyance, Coach.
Cook              Feastocrat             Cook, Cater
Dining Attendant  Server                 Steward, Sewer, Carver,
Event coodinator  Autocrat               Steward, Keeper
Board of Directors BoD                   The Imperium
Archivist/Historian                      ?
Welcome Wagon     Chatelaine/Castellan/Hospitaler   ?
First Aid Attendent Chirurgeon           Barber
---------         Feast Gear             ?
Dinner            Feast                  ?
Clothing/Costume  Garb                   Clothing
---------         Guild                  ?
Normal            Mundane                Futuristic?
Historical        Period                 Modern
After-party-party Post Revel             ?
Party             Revel                  ?
Children          Smalls                 Children, Youths?

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