Katherine Roberts ROBERTSK at
Tue Jul 11 17:09:43 PDT 1995

> Pug, ya know, it's refreshing to get home from work and discover someone
> having as much trouble with this sort of thing as I have every day.  Thanks
> for making my day look a little less forbidding.

I'm glad I'm atleast able to relieve someone's pressures of the day.

As for the mail spewing, the site in Houston has stopped, and the user
in question asked to be removed from the list since he was unable to do
it himself.

The site at Ok State still needs some help. If anyone there can point me
to someone who can help me resolve the problem I would appreciate it.
The host in particular. The mail to the postmaster has
returned to me with errors I've never seen before. (Something about host
OSUPPLNT and a bunch of other garbage.)

Thanks a lot to all, and sorry for the inconvience of moderation in the
mean time.


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