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>Looks like you've summed it up.  Now, what do we do about it?

Off hand, without suggesting anything *too* Draconian, we could:

a)	Make those changes in ourselves we'd like to see in others, and
	try and set the example.
b)	Better educate those around us (preferably without condescending to 
	them, a lack of social grace I have to fight in myself, although I 
	make no claims as to its efficacy) as to accuracy in materials,
	terminology, techniques, options, etc.
c)	Don't assume that someone else is going to do it.
d)	Be consistant.

On the other hand, if we are running events we might consider:
a)	Be more firm about where people camp with period tents, or if you 
	feel that there will be some resistance to that (and to be blunt,
	there *will* be, just as soon as anyone decides you are trying to
	tell them what to do) ask politely in your event announcements and
	at the gate that people please try and disquise their mundane
	"camp sights".
b)	Try and dress your hall better, in more period fashions.  As an
	example, both Northkeep and Moonshadowe have recently been using 
	the same site, near Cleveland, OK for their activities.  The main
	hall setting is a Boy Scout dining facility.  Both shires have
	been making a pretty good attempt to disquise it as well as they
	are able, with hangings and table arrangement.  We (by which I
	am referring to both shires, since I neither recall nor care who's
	idea it was initially) discovered that by arranging the tables in
	two parallel rows of tables grouped in threes that we could, by seating
	people only on the outsides and on the ends, leave the center of
	the hall open for the people serving the food, entertainers, and
	so forth, minimizing the number of people with their backs to each
	other, and give a more "medieval" feeling to the setting, and still
	be able to seat around a hundred people.  That's not a BIG change, 
	and definately not perfect, but it was relatively easy to implement.

I'm sure I'm missing stuff.

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