Pug pug at
Tue Jul 11 08:29:29 PDT 1995

> First Aid Attendent Chirurgeon           Barber

And why not Chirurgeon? Although Chirurgeon implies more than just first
aid, it seems reasonable enough to me. Since Chirurgeon is a surgeon,
and we want something less drastic.

> ---------         Feast Gear             ?


> Dinner            Feast                  ?

Why not feast or banquet? That's what it is, and should be period.

> ---------         Guild                  ?

Why not Guild? Ours are a little different, but they serve the same purpose.

> Party             Revel                  ?


> After-party-party Post Revel             ?

I don't see why we should change this except to maybe say "the revel
will continue at ..."


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