Event Ideals

Elizabeth Shahan ecs at infinity.ccsi.com
Tue Jul 11 09:11:54 PDT 1995

You weem to have hit the most requested items for an ideal event alright.
It also hit on several of the things that we can do as individuals to 
raise our own participation in *periodicity*. I have not gotten the 
impression from any one in this discussion that they want to reform 
everyone but that they want to try to encourage others to do better by 
doing better themselves and just want to share ideas on how to do that. 
It is this spirit of improvement from within and cooperation that will 
make it happen in a fun and stress free way. If we do it, have fun and 
bring others in on it, others will want to join in. And really the point 
is to have fun. If it wasn't fun *I* wouldn't be here!

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